Vintage Heating & A/C offers professional design, installation and maintenance for all makes and types of home and business heating systems - hydronic systems such as radiant floor, hot water radiator and air handlers; hot air furnace and ductwork and more.

Reliable energy sources, suppliers, equipment and maintenance, and other costs are all factors when considering how to heat your home or business.

Oil burning equipment is has been used for comfortable and reliable heating here in Maine for decades.

Oil fired boilers have greatly improved efficiencies and fuel savings in recent years. New technology and efficient designs offer 20 to 40 percent savings over many existing systems.

Heating Oil remains a cost effective and efficient energy source and is widely used throughout the northeast.

Natural Gas Vintage Heating & A/Cis licensed for design installation and maintenance of Natural Gas and Propane systems.

Many customers rely on us to assess current and future gas heating and appliance needs and to size gas piping accordingly.

Vintage Heating & A/C will review your current installation or talk with you to understand your needs and suggest solutions. We engineer your system to meet existing and future needs.

Our installations are well designed and installed with consideration for aesthetics and serviceability using quality equipment, parts and materials.

Vintage Heating & A/C can provide design, installation, and service for your summer cooling needs with heat pump and air conditioning systems for your home and commercial applications.

We can install high velocity systems, heat pumps and ductless mini-splits for our residential and commercial customers throughout the state of Maine.

Vintage Heating & A/C is licensed and experienced to install and troubleshoot your A/C systems to keep you cool through the summer months.

Let us maintain your system's efficiency by cleaning and insulating your ductwork, and by balancing the air flow to suit the layout of rooms in your home or business.

We have the instruments necessary to measure air flow at each outlet. This information will allow us to balance the air flow of your existing heating or cooling system for your comfort.

We can add, move, modify or repair your system plenums and ductwork. And we can clean your ductwork, add enviromental features for humidity and filtration and service your existing system.

We can perform necessary maintenance and test system pressures, temperatures, and even clean the debris and dirt from the outdoor condensing coil.